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Why Software Testing?

"It is unthinkable to develop professionally without including tests" - Fabio Vedovelli

The 5 whys to test the software

  1. Confidence to refactor.
  2. Confidence to add new features.
  3. Confidence to update dependencies.
  4. Facilitates understanding of implementation.
  5. Works as software documentation.

What do I need to test?

  • Everything that makes sense to test!
  • Ask yourself: "Do I need to comment here?", if the answer is "yes", it's better to write a test.

The most common software testing types

  1. Unit Tests
    • Do one thing, and do it well. The UNIX Philosophy
    • Avoid external dependencies.
    • Most common in the universe of tests.
  2. Integration Tests
    • They focus on validating multiple parts of the application work together.
  3. End to End (E2E) Tests
    • Normally runs in the browser, you can see the browser working like a real user.
    • You write a simulation-like user behavior.
  • This is the most expensive type of test, not in terms of value, but because it involves the application running, services responding, and the browser running that is heavy.

The Test Pyramid

The Test Pyramid