Helder Berto



Helder Burato Berto

Software Engineer — Front-End

I'm a Software Engineer for over 12 years, collaborating with agencies, consulting firms, start-ups, and product platforms.

Currently, I'm a Senior Software Engineer — Front-End at PagerDuty , where my main focus lies in enhancing and creating user interfaces for our customers.

I'm an expert in front-end development, backed by extensive experience in back-end development.

Throughout my career, I have successfully led various software projects, while also taking on responsibilities such as mentoring and hiring talented software engineers.

Over the past five years, I have extensively utilized the following tools: TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Jest, React Testing Library, and Node.js.

While technologies constantly evolve, I firmly believe that certain fundamental concepts remain timeless, and it is these principles that hold the utmost importance to me.