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Integrating TLDR with FZF

In this post, we gonna dive into TLDR with fzf search.

Usage of TLDR

Go to your favorite terminal, with TLDR enabled, and execute the following command:

$ tldr brew

Searching with FZF

$ fzf .

It will execute a fuzzy search in the current directory.

Passing a TLDR list to FZF

$ tldr --list | fzf

The first argument tldr --list will generate a list of available commands enabled in your command line.

And when passing with a pipe operator | it will send the results to fzf.

Selecting an Argument with FZF

$ tldr --list | fzf | xargs tldr

As you did in the previous step, it will share the list to fzf, and when you select an option it will send the argument via xargs to execute with tldr.

Previewing Commands on Searching

It creates a preview window, showing the results from TLDR and passing to the new window via xargs.

Let's try with the following command:

$ tldr --list | fzf --preview "tldr {1}" --preview-window=right,60% | xargs tldr

Bonus: Aliasing

Create an alias to avoid remembering all this stuff:

alias tldrf='tldr --list | fzf --preview "tldr {1}" --preview-window=right,60% | xargs tldr'

Source your command line configuration file, in my case it is .zshrc, and voilá!

Try your new alias into the command line:

$ tldrf